The View Down


My journey into paragliding has been a journey of new perspectives. New understandings of what is possible appear when you look at the world from new angles.

Paragliding has taken me to amazing new places and shown me a brand new perspective on some of my favorite places.

Sitting in a hammock style harness thousands of feet in the air suspended by lines thin enough to floss with and unprotected and unpropelled by any other means than my ability to pilot a swath of fabric into the invisible rising currents of air.

To me it is the rawest form of aviation. Nothing rigid and nothing between you and the sky. Feeling your way to the clouds. If you gain talent at this and learn about how these invisible elevators work, they can take you to new heights and bigger perspectives not just a wider view, but a grander understanding of what is possible.

I stare down sometimes, as the ground shrinks below me. Feeling the world slip away, I rise into the sky. My heart still flutters sometime, an old longing for life on the ground instilled from a life of just that. Yet I am here now, a friend among the clouds. A new, exciting, beautiful and dangerous world awaits. Yet sometimes I linger and watch the world shrink, wondering what life was like before I learned I could fly. If I was happier before this new passion became an obsession. A bit of sadness courses through me for all those I have said goodbye to along the way, the hearts I have broken in pursuit of wild dreams.

Then the glider tugs my upward, another climb into the sky. A new world beckoning for me to explore. A world of invisible magic and new possibilities. I smile and am grateful, knowing that without all those incredible experiences before, I would not be here now. And here right now is beautiful, and I am grateful.

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