SnowKiting Season Kick Off

Its been a long wait this season but 2017 wasn’t going out without one more grand adventure. A precious snowstorm came barreling across the Pacific Northwest this week and promised some of the first solid chance to snow kite one of my favorite zones on the highlands over Chelan, Washington.

I spent a good deal of time here last year exploring this vast terrain and have learned that we are only scratching the surface of what is potentially one of the best kite zones I have found in North America so far.

This place is big, wide open and when the winds roll off the mountains and over these wheat filled plains they smooth out the world into a rolling moonscape of delicious pow.


We opened the season with a perfect bluebird day. The sun broke and the wind picked up as the tail of the storm pulled air behind it. Almost a foot of fresh pow and brand new Air Rush and HQ kites to play on, we were more than excited.

In two sessions of just over two hours each I covered over sixty miles of terrain and got up to 40 mph! The sun was out the whole time and a crew of local friends came up to watch us and begin learning themselves.

This sport has a special magic that has truly enraptured my adventurous heart. It always me to dance with the world in a very intimate and beautiful way. I am in perpetual motion and there is interaction with not just the snow but the sky as well.

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