There’s something about sunsets that grabs you and forces you to pause, if only for a moment to enjoy the last light and days golden moment. I have never been a sunset chaser but I am always game to take a moment out of my life. To be quiet and admire the incredible display of beauty that happens during a great sunset.

The beach is one the best places to watch a sunset and the southern california coast is no different. Dramatic cliffs spanned by long beaches turn golden then pink as the sun sinks below the pacific. With a highway that runs along its coastline pullouts fill up at sunset time as even eager commuters are willing to take a moment to enjoy the beauty before them.

There is some great natural science coming out these days that can attribute certain health benefits to watching a sunset. But beyond that it is a great pause after what can be our incredibly busy lives. It only takes a moment and will certainly make you smile. So next time a beautiful sunset starts to paint your local sky. Take a minute to admire and enjoy this beautiful home we call earth.

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