Return to Alaskan Seas

I have returned to the seas of Alaska. Every so often the great wilds of the world call to my adventurous heart. The tug of great expanse, a chance to behold the wonders of a world hardly touched my man’s hands.

Alaska is a place that molds men to rather than the other way around. Lives here are dictated by the extremity of the landscape and weather. Thousands of miles of untouched landscape and hundreds of towering peaks draped in glaciers.

Remembering how the world was before we began to remake it in our image. This is where Alaska soothes my soul.

I have returned this summer to the seas of the Prince William Sound. Boarding a commercial seine fishing boat for the upcoming salmon season.

Salmon fishing is a right of passage and way of life in Alaska. There exists here a breed of people almost extinct in the “lower 48”.

Men and women that still grin at a growing squall. People finding creative and ingenious ways to live in an extreme environment. The seas of Alaska are legendary in their ferocity, but equalled in their beauty.

I come here to share in that experience, and to gain that ferocious will and adventurous spirit that has carried me around the world many times before. As I prepare for my greatest adventure yet, I come to Alaska to commune with the great wilds and understand a bit more of my purpose and path.

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