Pow Blasted in Big Sky, MT

Maybe it was that perfect pow turn at the top of Great Falls on closing weekend. Maybe more, the seemingly endless stream of hugs from dear old friends. There is something magic in the mountains of Montana for every time I feel that whoosh of cold smoke powder blasting my face with its whiteout goodness, I giggle and remember why I love Big Sky, Montana. 

I left Big Sky, Montana to seek adventure around the world. Yet through all these years it is still one of the very few places that I would call “home”. 
I first moved here in 2006 and it was love at first sight. Now I travel around the world chasing all sorts of adventures and still the gravity of Big Sky pulls me back time and time again. Its just that good. 

Now times are changing and the world is finally creeping in on Big Sky. There is a traffic light now and new buildings are popping up like its the 1990s again. Big Sky is booming and I’m here to visit some old friends and get Pow Blasted in Big Sky!

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