Mt. Spokane SpeedRide

SpeedRiding is the dirtbiking of the sky. Smaller faster wings swoop you downhill just feet over the ground. The proximity to the ground and the speed make this one thrilling sport. The combination of my passion for skiing and for flying has made speedriding a excellent fit in my adventure quiver.

This sport is not to be taken lightly. Even though these things are fairly simple to fly and provide an adrenaline rush like no other. Its the years of constant training in Paragliding, Kiting, and Skiing that even make runs like this possible.

One of my favorite things has been to share this interesting world of flight with my friends along the way. Celebrating the end of the season, after the mountain was closed. I pulled out my wing and amazed more than a few eyes with this line. The cheers from the crowd in the parking lot. That included many of the mountain managers mind you, exploded in joy when I landed. Over beers in the parking lot I was able to share what this sport is and debunk much of the fear people have around free flying.

Overall a great day with great friends and an amazing experience flying over the snow with skis!

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