GoPro 7 HyperSmooth

GoPro is making a comeback. After a few flubs in the market with products like the failed karma and the the unimpressive features of the past few abGoPros, the GoPro 7 is an attempt to reclaim the throne as the leader in action sport cameras.

One of the greatest failings of action cameras is the shaky videos that come from truly getting RAD. I still remember getting headaches from the first videos I shot skiing and biking. In recent years this problem has been addressed by the advancement of gimbal technology.

Gimbals are all over the market these days and for good reason. Gimbals smooth out the image and make the final video look many times better than without. Think of it like the autotune of video. Everything seems to look better with a gimbal.

The shortfall of gimbals is that they inevitablly add size to the entire setup. With a handle and small servos that need their own battery its not the most compact package for action sports.

GoPro eliminates the gimbal with HyperSmooth.

There have been many attempts over the years to stabilize images in camera. They have all been mostly awful, until now. GoPro 7 HyperSmooth is the best in camera stabilization we have seen yet.


Even YouTube guru Casey Neistat has endorsed what looks like finally a new GoPro worth upgrading to.



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