Gettin Dizzy in Da Desert

The season is full on in the high desert of central Oregon. My training grounds of Pine Mountain have been absolutely going off. Flying 5-6 days a week has been amazing for my skills progression and confidence in the air. I liken it to the difference between skiing on the weekends and working as a lifty or instructor and riding every day. The muscle memory makes all the difference.

I’ve been flying a new to me wing these days. The mighty Delta 2. This baby is amazing. In order to fly in the high winds at Pine, you need a fast wing and I was getting pushed all over the mountain on my old Buzz 2. The mighty graces of Team Human came to my rescue just in time and the mighty Delta 2 ended up clipped on my harness.

I’ve been taking my time getting to know this new wing. I liken this to stepping up from a minivan to a sportscar. It takes some time to feel each other out. One of the funnest things I have been learning on this new wing is circles or spirals or asymmetric spirals if you wanna get technical. Basically, in order to get down through the wonderful evening lift over the desert, you must find a way to dive your glider safely. Spinning around is an effective maneuver for going up and down, depending on how and where you do it. I have been practicing my circles on the Delta 2 and having a ton of fun getting it up to speed, but whoa once she gets going it’s a lot of energy!

The sensation of spinning around in the three-dimensional space of the sky is such a peculiar feeling that is so very far from our everyday lives. I hope you enjoy spinning around in the sky with me for a minute!

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