Flying Colima Mexico

Colima sits at the base of a 14,000ft volcano just inland of the Pacific Ocean in central Mexico. Garnering a rather tough reputation around the world as a cartel town, the US State Department issued just another warning right before we showed up, we had no problems and amazing flying in this vibrant mexican city.

Staying on the south side we were a convinient fifteen minutes from the nicest launch i’ve visited yet. “El Cumbre” sits on the point of a ridge perfectly situated to catch the morning thermals. The mexican government helped out and several years ago installed beautiful astroturf over the entire launch! Makes you feel like you are launch off out of the superbowl. Like true rockstars we took full advantage and hooted and hollered for everyone off launch.

This town is ripe for adventure. there are mountains and beautiful pueblos in every direction. A short morning drive brings you to the pacific ocean and some of the most beautifully formed waves I have ever seen. There is mountain biking and even skydiving and ballooning starting up. When the world begins to get over its fears this place is one of my new favs for adventure.

One of my most memorable flights was across the entire city and down the next valley where we landed in one of Mexico’s “pueblo Magicos” Magic towns. These towns are like historic towns and the streets cobbled in stone and the building all kept in the old adobe way. There is something truly magic about launching off a mountain all the way across a city, landing in a soccer field and walking into a rural town square with mariachi bands playing and open air bars to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

At night we would head down to “Centro” where more open air bars bordered the center park. There was always activity in the centro whether it was the thirty piece brass band in the gazebo with all the local seniors filling the square with dancing, or the student band that moved brilliantly from “La Bamba” to “Another on Bites the Dust” in front of hundreds of evening revelers. There were phenomenal street tacos on every corner and we couldn’t help but try them all.

Colima was an amazing place to visit. The city was absolutely beautiful. The people we met were incredibly kind and while the corruption problems were evident they weren’t as big a deal as you would think. I did have to take a detour in a taxi ride home one day because the street was closed because of a murder, but this is traveling, weird stuff is supposed to happen. I left Colima pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the area and hope to get back there and adventure more again someday soon.

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