February Flying In Chelan

I returned to full on winter in the Pacific Northwest. Snow has been dumping in the moutains and I couln’t resist getting some time on the SnowKite and doing some early season flying over the beautiful Columbia River.

Chelan is known as a summer lake town. Nestled at the meeting of Lake Chelan and the Columbia River, this town is surrounded by wineries and fruit orchards. A town for weekend getaways from bustling Seattle, not exactly an action sports Mecca. Yet it is all right here and so perfectly setup that over the past two seasons I have spent more and more time here.

The SnowKiting is fantanstic here. This niche sport has captured my attention for years since I learned on Alaskan Glaciers. It is a sport the requires a gigantic amount of terrain. You are using the power of the wind to carry you across huge landscapes. The feeling of being pulled over the snow, even up mountains, is truly incredible. Across the great wheat flats of central Washington this means hundreds of miles of kitable terrain ready to be explored. I’ve put in hunderd mile days exploring this place and still have barely scratched the surface.

The flying doesn’t stop around here. Even in winter there is flying in Chelan. The road to the main takeoff, Chelan Butte, is closed in the winter time. Yet there is perfect soaring at airport ridge or any wall of the canyon that is facing into the wind. There are bald eagles and red tailed hawks to play with and shear rock faces to climb above the basin and look out over this magical little nook in the Northwest.

There is a growing community of adventure seekers in this area. As more and more is uncovered and the base camp of the RAD Neighbor adventure squad is just a few blocks from downtown. Check in with them and you will almost always find someone to adventure with.

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