Elementor #1296


Santa Barbara Sunsets

There’s something about sunsets that grabs you and forces you to pause, if only for a moment to enjoy the last light and days golden moment. I have never been…

SpeedFest 2018

Ragamuffins from all over the northwest converged on Chelan, WA in early November for the annual SpeedFest Fly-in. SpeedFlying is the motocross of freeflight. Flying fast and close to the…

GoPro 7 HyperSmooth

GoPro is making a comeback. After a few flubs in the market with products like the failed karma and the the unimpressive features of the past few abGoPros, the GoPro…

Mt. Spokane SpeedRide

SpeedRiding is the dirtbiking of the sky. Smaller faster wings swoop you downhill just feet over the ground. The proximity to the ground and the speed make this one thrilling…

SnowKiting Season Kick Off

Its been a long wait this season but 2017 wasn’t going out without one more grand adventure. A precious snowstorm came barreling across the Pacific Northwest this week and promised…

Cliff Lake Launching

We’d heard rumours of a magical rope swing on the far shore of the magical Cliff Lake. A glacial lake that was the color of the Caribbean and perfect for…
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