Checking in from the Sky

I’ve been getting settled here in Bend, OR. The high desert of Central Oregon has begun to heat up and the paragliding has been fantastic! I have been spending as much time as possible getting myself acquainted with this new zone.

Sunsets over the high desert

Pine Mountain is about 25 miles east of Bend, OR and stands alone on the edge of the high desert eastward. A pointed summit it is home to the Pine Mountain Observatory. And rightly so as the stars here at night are nothing short of world class amazing. In the evenings as the desert releases its heat from the day a prevailing north wind smooths out over the vast stretch of sage brush and collides with the mountain. This sets up what in paragliding is called, Glass-off.

kuru looks down

If you have ever water skied or wakeboarded it is similar as this is when the air is the smoothest and the flying most bouyant. The midday heat makes the air rise so fast it can be violent and dangerous, but in the evening, during the magic hours before sunset, everything smooths out and the flying is downright joyous.

More to come on this magic little place in the desert as I continue to explore and play this summer!

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