Big Sur is a legendary place. Any surfer on the west coast knows of the epic stretch of coast between Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Highway 1 is at its most dramatic as it winds its way along a jagged and cliff strewn coast. Thousand foot cliffs drop down into perfect protected bays where seals gather during spring migration. All the rain that California has been getting this winter has resulted in an explosion of color this spring and Big Sur was an emerald playground when we showed up with not our surfboard, but Paragliders.


Often too foggy and logistically tough to manage the Big Sur site is an epic that takes just the right day and a motivated crew to get it done. The shuttle drive to launch is over an hour long on rough dirt road and rarely are you rewarded with much more than a light soar or extended glide down the the landing zone beside the ocean. Even that is well worth the effort. The view of this magical place from the air was beyond breathtaking and worth every moment waiting for the clouds to clear.


Here’s a video of the weekend’s flying.


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