Big Sky Closing Wkd

There is just something plain magic about Big Sky, MT.

No matter where I go in the world, at some point, this place always calls me home. Maybe its the endless stream of hugs from dear old friends, or the powder so dry it just begs to explode with joy all over you, or the views that go on endlessly. In the end its all of these things put together that draws me back time and time again.

So there I was, once again shredding Big Sky, Mt for Closing Wkd. There were parties and pond skims, snowblades, schnapps, and of course epic shred. You see the magic of Big Sky is that it has a peculiar history of closing on one of its biggest pow days. I have experienced this many times in my over decade long tenure at this mountain. This year was no different.

Riding with longtime locals always pays off as i was party to all the greatest goods. Content to follow the lines of the area’s great shred stars. We even scored an afternoon tram and signed out for one of my all time favorite runs in the entire world, The North Summit Snowfield.

This run is one of the few in the Lower 48 where you can get a true, “Big” mountain feel. Not a Jackson Hole big mtn, an Alaskan Big mtn. There is steep, there is exposure, and if you are creative you can ride huge lines. After shredding the top snowfield like the funnest quarterpipe nature has ever made, I headed directly for one of my longtime favorites, Great Falls. A 50 degree face that loads with snow when the winds are right, and of course only patroller tracks written on it.

Dropping in to the first three turns of that face instantly reminded me not only of my incredible love for big powder skiing, but also my deep passion and appreciation for such a magical place. There are not many places in the states that you can still experience this kind of moment with the ease of access we enjoyed. That was why I showed up in a sputtering Subaru over ten years ago after a friend sent me a picture of this fabled land, and thats why no matter how far I travel and adventure, I always find myself back on top of lone peak looking out over a beautiful Montana, grateful to be present in the magic.

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