I am Kuru

An Adventurer born in the rural New England brambles. The wilds have always called to me. In strange and powerful ways. I have followed this strange call, this growl inside my soul, to some of the wildest and most remote places in the world. From walking continents to rafting Grand Canyons, Surfing its oceans or skiing its mountains, even flying above it all, life truly is a beautiful adventure.

After a decade of living on the road, I have begun to live the understanding that life is worth sharing. On these pages, I endeavor to share some of the experiences and lessons I have found along my strange journey. Meant to inspire, educate, and discuss parts of our life and existence that are often overlooked in our busy modern world.

I pulled an “Into the Wild” and lived. These are the stories from the wild, told from a man who has become part of it, and shall never be the same again. For once free, would we ever willfully take up chains again?

This is the life of Kuru, As I’ve lived it and as I choose to tell it. I hope you enjoy.