Life is a great Adventure. Now How Do you Do it?

Live Adventure

They Call Me Kuru

Set free upon the world 

I have been chasing adventures around the globe for over two decades. 

From skiing the mountains of Alaska to Rafting the Grand Canyon or Paragliding Mexico and Thailand. You never know what adventure lays just around the next corner. 

Kurulife is a collection of the tales and lessons of Living Adventure. Shared to inspire and empower everyone to live their greatest adventure. 

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Pow Blasted in Big Sky, MT

Maybe it was that perfect pow turn at the top of Great Falls on closing weekend. Maybe more, the seemingly endless stream of hugs from dear old friends. There is…

Big Sur Sky Party

Big Sur is a legendary place. Any surfer on the west coast knows of the epic stretch of coast between Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Highway 1 is at its…

Kuru’s New Colors

Spring is in the air and I am celebrating all the incredible colors of spring with a beautiful new wing! I finally got to take her out for a flight…

Santa Barbara Sunsets

There’s something about sunsets that grabs you and forces you to pause, if only for a moment to enjoy the last light and days golden moment. I have never been…

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I’ve lived #vanlife since before Instagram. Can believe there was a time? Living in Subarus, 4Runners, Big vans and small, I’ve lived in it. 

The VanLife experience is special and guaranteed to change your life. Yet getting going can be daunting. 

I break down the #vanlife experience good and bad hoping to help each of you that are called to this unique lifestyle have the best experience possible. 

All of these adventures take a ton of gear. I often joke that I don’t have a home but I have a barn full of gear stashed around the country.

All gear is not the same and when living a constant adventure every piece I carry is essential and must last when I am way out in the wild. 

I review the pros and cons of the gear I use and the amazing finds I encounter along my travels. 

. Oh the Places you’ll go! The great Dr. Seuss wasn’t kidding. Around the world and back a few times. 

There are so many special places to explore in this world. I am bound and determined to experience as many of them as I can.

Inside Tips and adventure travel advice to help you take your adventure lifestyle global. Just buy your ticket already. 

There’s an adventure around every corner, you just have to look for it. 

I have dedicated my life to chasing these special moments in our life. Those moments that raise us up just beyond what we thought we were capable of. 

Sharing the stories of my adventures to inspire others to chase their dreams and hearts into the greatest adventures you could never have believed you could live. 

The experience of free flight has transformed my adventure life in the most amazing ways. This adventure sport has me totally obsessed. 

A childhood dream realized, I spend my days staring into the sky. Understanding more each day the incredible invisible playground in the sky. 

This sport has challenged me in ways that no other pursuit has mental and physical endurance in a world where mistakes can cost your life. 

There are serious issues at play when hanging from strings thousands of feet above the ground heading upwards into a growing cloud. 

Then you pop out and everything is calm and you look down upon the world that once held you firmly to the ground, and see the world from a whole new perspective. A perspective that changes your view forever.